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A Healthier and Happier Life
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A Healthier and Happier Life

"I'm slowly learning that even if I react, it won't change anything. It won't make people suddenly love and respect me, it won't magically change their minds. Sometimes it's better to just let things be, let people go. Don't fight or seek closure, don't ask for explanations, don't chase answers, and don't expect people to understand where you're coming from. I'm slowly learning that it's better lived when you don't center it on what's happening around you but what's inside of you. I need to keep my focus so I can work on myself and [my] inner peace because I have come to realize that this is the ingredient to living a happier and healthier life. I'm living and learning every day."
—Leslie, Touch A Heart graduate and employee

Many of you will remember Leslie's presence at our Kupuna and Family Meals pickups and the heartwarming story in our recent appeal letter that featured her and kupuna customer Ethel. These words that Leslie recently shared with us are a testament to her tremendous growth throughout her time with us and a reflection of what true transformation looks like.

Leslie continues to serve her sentence on the mainland. She's applying to work at the commissary there, which is one of the highest paying jobs, and she's taking several classes. We keep in touch with her via regular video calls, emails, letters, and phone calls. She's grateful for your letters too, as they're a source of positivity, connection, and hope.

Upon connecting with a fellow inmate who has a knack for crafts, Leslie commissioned her to make a beautiful crocheted blanket of the Touch A Heart logo, and she sent it to us as a gift of appreciation and love. Our team was incredibly touched to receive this wonderful gift from her, and we consider it a gift to all of you as well. We're working on finding the best way to display it so that you can see the amazing craftsmanship and heart that went into it.

If you'd like to write to Leslie or any of our graduates while they're away, please contact or call (808) 779-7083. Your messages will be greatly appreciated, especially as we near the holiday season.



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