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Congratulations, Graduates!
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Congratulations, Graduates!

The Touch A Heart community gathered last Friday, January 13 at Kalihi Union Church for a celebration in honor of our newest graduates Jim, Jeff, Abel, and Alisa. Below are snippets of each of their speeches:
"A couple of years, I was on the street. Now I work at an ice cream shop and I'm starting a second job with Ala Moana on Monday. I'm getting ready to get my own place. Through [Touch A Heart’s] classes, I got to look inside, and they helped me throw away the parts that aren't so good and nurture the parts that are. They were a very great group of non- judgmental, honest, and open people."

"First, I would like to thank Jesus. I learned a lot about myself through the people working here. Colin taught me how to hold my temper and Robin has been teaching me how to read again. Miss Lacey showed me that I still have respect and all the staff here have showed me that I still have friends.

"When I found out about this program from my pretrial officer, I was a little nervous because I'm a very shy person. After I started the program, I realized that I could get along with the workers because we relate so much. I learned so much from Colin and Robin, from the basic cooking to learning how to do my resume, and they also helped me look for other jobs. Even after I go in and come back out, they'll still be willing to help me."

"When coming to Touch A Heart, I was looking for a safe environment. Not only did Touch A Heart provide this, I was able to be a part of the apprenticeship program where I learned a new set of skills, and a pilot program that consists of Touch A Heart and Ritz-Carlton working together to help me face my fears and build my confidence."

Special guests included supporters from The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach; Joy Fellowship; American Job Center; U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services; Kalihi Union Church preschool; and volunteers.

We're grateful for everyone's love and care that fuels those we serve. Your support makes these life-changing transformations possible.



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