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Generations of Service
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Generations of Service

Moanalua High School senior Colin began volunteering with Touch A Heart in early 2022 at the urging of his grandmother Joyce, who has been a lead volunteer in our Baker's Heart cookie packaging.

"My grandma always advocated for philanthropy, hard work, and selflessness," Colin explained. "She taught me to give back to others without anything in exchange."

Joyce is a very energetic person and has been volunteering for decades at multiple organizations. From an early age, she began instilling her wisdom and work ethic in Colin and his sister. They learned to read, count money, do basic math, and tell time—all under her tutelage. She also kept them busy with washing the dishes, gardening, and reading.

"Her leadership, attention to detail, and love for others drive her to continue doing what she does and also keeps her active and engaged in the community," Colin said. "I'm grateful for the lessons she's taught me, and I realize every day how they are leading me to become a better person."

Our cookie packaging production is no easy task, and we're incredibly grateful for Joyce, Colin, and our many other volunteers who graciously share their time with us.

When asked about his volunteer experience, Colin shared: "The magnitude of the operations at Touch A Heart has always impressed me. I don't think most people would expect a small group of elderly folks to be packaging cookies for large companies, such as Uniqlo and The Ritz-Carlton. I've seen the hard work they do and it's not easy, especially with the level of attention to detail that they uphold. I also admire the philosophy of Touch A Heart and its efforts to give back to the community. I believe that they embody the values of Hawaii while also just enjoying what they do. It goes to show that anyone of any age, background, or culture can make a difference in the world. The opportunities that they give to ex-convicts, recovering addicts, and the homeless are priceless, and I feel good knowing that I'm supporting an organization that gives back to its community."



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