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Welcome, Tina!
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Welcome, Tina!

We're pleased to introduce the newest member of the Touch A Heart team, Tina. She started with us earlier this month as our program coordinator and we appreciate everyone welcoming her to our community.

Prior to the pandemic, Tina worked in retail management and territory sales in the restaurant and hospitality industry. After witnessing the impacts of the pandemic and shutdowns that included many of her customers closing or losing their businesses entirely, she decided to get involved with the community and help those in need. She began working at Aloha Harvest as the interim operations manager and then as the field service coordinator.

Tina first learned about Touch A Heart through our former chef and trainer Mark while at her territory sales job, and she brought our organization on as an agency to receive rescued foods for our program.

In her new role with us, Tina will provide coordination and support for our foodservice training program, including recruitment, retention, and job placement for our interns. Additionally, she'll be heavily involved in our employment social enterprises by cultivating new and existing relationships to help our interns, apprentices, and graduates. You'll also see Tina working on special projects, such as our Giving Tree, alumni events, and much more.

"I see a lot of potential and growth in Touch A Heart. Many people, including our kupuna, may not know that there is a nonprofit that provides weekly meals like Touch A Heart does," Tina said. "My goal is to bring more awareness to people about Touch A Heart. I'm hoping to build on relationships with partners that resonate with Touch A Heart's mission. I'm looking forward to helping our families and kupuna."

Fun facts: Tina has a 3-year-old daughter and is a busy working parent. They enjoy many activities together, like going to the beach and visiting the Children's Discovery Center. Tina also loves arts and crafts and reading.



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