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A Mother's Faith and Strength
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A Mother's Faith and Strength

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<p>Touch A Heart volunteer Lei (center) with her sons John (left) and Wayne (right). Lei holds a photo of her late husband, Charles.</p>
<p>In celebration of the National Day of Prayer on May 5 and Mother's Day on May 8, we're humbled to share the story of our volunteer Lei.

Lei has had a long relationship with Christ—one she describes as at times being "one-sided, confusing, enlightening, frustrating, and inspiring." While she prayed, read the Bible, and worshipped regularly, she didn't understand the effect Christ would have on her life until 1996 when her mother was terminally ill and her then-teenage sons—John and Wayne—were involved in an auto accident.

John became physically disabled and endured many surgeries, months in the hospital, and years of rehab, but the power of prayer and his acceptance of Christ brought healing. "The medical team foresaw John becoming a paraplegic, but the Lord handed us a miracle and proved them wrong," Lei said. "He walks with some assistance and lives a near normal life despite his disability because the Lord is a part of his life." Meanwhile, after his grandmother's passing and his brother's suffering, Wayne was lost and traumatized. He turned his back to the Lord and to life itself. But the Lord never turned His back on Wayne, who has since reacquainted with Christ and has made great progress in life.

On how these experiences affected her as a mother, Lei said: "Since the Lord placed my sons in my life, I went through trials, but life became richer and fuller. They become so much a part of you that when they hurt, you wish you could bear the pain for them. This is how the Lord must feel as He wants to bear our burdens and care for us. I realize that the Lord placed many opportunities before me in hopes that I'd have a closer relationship with Him. Many a time I left them on the wayside, but I walk closer with and to the Lord each day. My relationship grows closer and stronger to Him, and I thank Him for His continuity and faithfulness. As James 1:2 says, 'Dear brothers and sisters, when trouble of any kind comes your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.'"

Lei also volunteers weekly to deliver Kupuna and Family Meals. As inspiration, she cites Ecclesiastes 5:19-20, "To enjoy your work and to accept your lot in life—that is indeed a gift from God...for God gives him joy."</p>



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