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Mahalo, Chef Craig!
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Mahalo, Chef Craig!

This year, we were blessed to have Chef Craig join Touch A Heart. He's been busy overseeing our Kupuna and Family Meals every week, as well as setting us up for continued success by training our team.

"Each week for the first two months, I would teach Lacey how to prepare three of my most popular recipes," Craig said. "She successfully learned to cook 24 dishes and took over the cooking for the following two months with my oversight." Craig thought it would be beneficial for Lacey to then train an apprentice, so she's now teaching Leonard just as Craig taught her. "Just like teaching in Bible study, the teacher has to really know the subject in order to teach it," Craig noted. "Not only will Lacey know she's fully capable of producing the meals, but Touch A Heart will also have another cook who can make the two-month rotation of recipes."

Throughout Craig's 27-year career, he's taught his techniques and recipes to other cooks and said, "This is the first time that the training has been so successful, and I give God all the glory."

Craig came out of retirement to help us, and we're so grateful that he's been able to share his time and talent with us and those we serve, especially knowing that he had initially planned to decline our offer. "After meeting with Robin and Colin and learning what Touch A Heart actually does, God put it in my heart to be a part of this blessed ministry," he shared.

Reflecting on his journey with us, Craig said: "Touch A Heart is an amazing ministry. They provide a nurturing and caring environment and develop people who love God, have an open heart and mind, and are willing to learn and work hard. The past six months have been an enjoyable time. I'm blessed to be a part of this great ministry."

Craig will be transitioning to a consultant role to help with any questions, problems, or concerns we may encounter. He'll also be taste-testing all meals to ensure consistency. Please join us in thanking Craig for his continued heart to serve Touch A Heart. 



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